We are AAHA Accredited and celebrating!

Unlike human hospitals, veterinary hospitals are not required to be accredited. Accredited hospitals are the only hospitals in the U.S. and Canada that voluntarily choose to be evaluated on approximately 900 quality standards that go above and beyond basic state regulations. We are one of the 15% of animal hospitals that chose the become an AAHA accredited hospital!

To become AAHA Accredited our animal hospital had to undergo a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that we meet the Standards of Accreditation which include the areas of patient care, pain management, pharmacy, safety, surgery, client service, anesthesia, continuing education for all staff members, dentistry, facility management, leadership, and emergency medical knowledge and procedures.

How does an accredited animal hospital benefit you?

  • We must provide specific medical services so our patients can be quickly and accurately diagnosed.
  • We must be focused on the quality of care we give to pets.
  • We are required to have an on-site pharmacy with up to date drugs and supplements so our patients can be treated immediately.
  • Our medical records must be clear and accurate so that doctors can better understand your pet’s medical history and any ongoing health issues they might have.
  • By being an accredited hospital, we stay on the leading edge of veterinary medicine. We provide a range of high-quality services that you and your pet deserve!

By being AAHA Accredited, Advanced Animal Care belongs to an elite category of animal hospitals that only 15% of veterinary practices are a part of. We are one of the only accredited hospitals in the Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, and Bullhead City Arizona area. We are proud to be advocates for the human-animal bond by providing the best customer service to you and the best care for your pet! Doesn’t your pet deserve the best care? Make sure you choose an AAHA Accredited hospital.


5842 S Hwy 95
Fort Mohave, AZ 86426
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