Veterinary Diagnostics
in Fort Mohave, AZ

We want your pet to have access to the best diagnostics and treatment at our hospital, which is why we use the latest in laboratory testing and radiology. To understand your pet’s health, our team goes beyond the physical examination with detailed testing and digital imaging to find and monitor conditions developing below the surface. With cat and dog X-ray imaging and Heska lab equipment, we can put together a more complete picture of your companion’s health and recommend care that is best suited to their needs.

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On-Site Laboratory Testing

Advanced Animal Care’s on-site laboratory is equipped with the latest lab machines from Heska and allows us to offer accurate and fast results, which help us diagnose and treat your pet as quickly as possible.

We can run a variety of tests in our lab, including blood chemistries, blood counts, parasite screening, electrolyte testing, and much more. If your pet needs a test we don’t have the capability of running in our hospital, such as allergy testing, we rely on an outside laboratory to run tests.

Digital X-ray

Our animal hospital also offers state-of-the-art digital X-rays for both dental and full-body imaging. Digital X-rays are faster, safer, easier to share, and provide a higher-quality picture than traditional film X-rays.

Because digital X-rays can be done quicker, your pet will spend less time under anesthesia. Our digital technology also uses less radiation, which means your pet and our staff have a safer experience. The image quality of a digital X-ray is far superior to regular film which allows us to discover disease sooner and identify problems with better accuracy. If your pet ever needs to have an X-ray performed, rest assured that we offer nothing but the best here in Fort Mohave, AZ.

Pet Ultrasound Services

We understand the importance of comprehensive diagnostic options and are thrilled to offer advanced ultrasound services to our patients and pets referred from other veterinary hospitals.  Our goal is to support our local veterinary community by providing access to comprehensive ultrasound diagnostics without requiring lengthy travel to a specialist. A board-certified radiologist interprets our ultrasounds and provides us with individualized recommendations for each patient. For pets referred to us from other veterinary hospitals, we send this detailed report back to your veterinarian so they can work with you to ensure seamless continuity of care for your pet.

Whether your pet requires an echocardiogram or an abdominal ultrasound, rest assured they will receive the highest standard of care.