Complete Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Fort Mohave, AZ

Preventing Dental Disease in Pets with Proactive Treatment and Ongoing Support

Keeping your pet healthy from head to tail involves various aspects of care. Dental health is especially important for both dogs and cats, and Advanced Animal Care is equipped to offer professional treatment from full dental evaluations and teeth cleanings to dental X-rays and more complex oral surgeries. We take your pet's dental care seriously because we know how quickly plaque buildup can turn into full-blown dental disease, causing other health problems. With proactive, complete dental care, your pet can avoid oral discomfort and infection altogether and enjoy a much happier and healthier life!

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Services Your Pet Needs for a Healthy Mouth

We leave no stone unturned where your pet’s dental health is concerned. Our services include:

Emphasizing Proactive Dental Care

At Advanced Animal Care, we believe in being proactive, not reactive, when it comes to dental health. Regular dental evaluations and cleanings are key to preventing dental disease and avoiding the need for more serious interventions later. Dental disease can lead to significant health issues, including heart, liver, and kidney problems, which is why it's so important to stay ahead of the curve. We want to maintain the best quality of life for your pet for as long as possible.

To support your pet's dental health at home, we can offer our guidance on a variety of treatment options. Brushing your pet's teeth, providing dental chews, using dental wipes, and incorporating dental diets or water additives can all play a significant role in reducing the risk of dental disease. Our technicians are here to help you find the right combination of at-home treatments that work for your pet– just give us a call at (928) 770-4918 or request an appointment!