Cat and Dog Ultrasound in Fort Mohave, AZ

We use every tool possible to give us an advantage in treating your pet. This includes the use of high-end diagnostics like ultrasound for dogs and cats. Ultrasound provides us with insight into areas of the body that cannot be viewed with radiographs; particularly the soft-tissue organs of the abdomen. This advanced diagnostic tool is pivotal in our ability to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions quickly and effectively, without causing your pet any discomfort.

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How Ultrasound Enhances Veterinary Care

Ultrasound technology offers a window into the inner workings of your pet's body, allowing our veterinary team to assess health issues that are not visible through a standard physical examination. Here are some of the ways ultrasound can benefit your pet:

Our Ultrasound Services

At Advanced Animal Care, our ultrasound services are an integral part of our diagnostic capabilities. Whether it's a routine examination or a more complex health issue, ultrasound allows our experienced veterinary team to:

  • Diagnose illnesses and conditions with greater accuracy.
  • Guide treatment plans with detailed internal images.
  • Monitor pregnancies, ensuring the health and safety of both mothers and their upcoming litters.
  • Conduct thorough examinations quickly, often without the need for sedation.

Our experienced team at Advanced Animal Care is here to provide your pet with the best possible care, using the latest in veterinary technology. Contact us today to learn more about our ultrasound services and how they can benefit your pet!